Although Real Madrid locker room is always satisfied with Navas to stay in the team Montreal Canadiens Jersey, but they did not oppose Florentino signed a new goalkeeper, and in Kurt Tuva has been left in Chelsea, Real Madrid is now only Degea can Chase, which gave Real Madrid in the transfer negotiations into a more passive position. The British media has also pointed out that the character of the Degas will not take the initiative to apply for a transfer, in other words, everything should be dominated by Real Madrid. However, Real Madrid also have their own cards, that is, Mora tower. Manchester United's first game will be the face of the Los Angeles Galaxy, the game will be held on July 15; the second game will be held on July 17, the opponent is the Royal Salt Lake City; third game in July 20 Day held, opponents are city rivals Manchester City, then Guardiola and Mourinho will start the contest. Last summer, the original two teams will be in the Bird's Nest for an international championship battle, but this overseas Manchester City Derby, "dragged" this summer. July 23, Manchester United and Real Madrid against, Mourinho and C Lo will be against the old club, and then Mora and Deheya which team wearing a shirt is particularly worth looking forward to. Of course, this game is the European Super Cup preheat. July 26, Manchester United's opponent will be Barcelona Brett Lernout Jersey, ??the game also Aspect, Mourinho and former enemies of the team clash, will also be exceptionally jealous Jacob De La Rose Jersey. 2017 European Super Cup, will be in Real Madrid, Manchester United between the two traditional European giants, this situation against the situation, is undoubtedly UEFA's dream for many years. By then, C Luo will be the old mentor Mourinho reunion, Deheya may also face the impact of Bell ... ... these are undoubtedly the field of the European Super Cup important Aspect Gabriel Dumont Jersey.