Barcelona to make such a heavyweight transfer transactions, the most difficult part is to persuade Arsenal to change their position and attitude towards Bellein Carey Price Jersey. However, if the player himself, as RAC1 said, would "negotiate directly with Wenger", then the probability that the deal would eventually become a reality would increase significantly. "Although Wenger will continue to coach Arsenal, but the gunmen missed the Champions League next season Stanley Cup Jersey, the brutal reality, will undoubtedly be Bailelin escape the chiefs of the stadium catalyst." ?Real Madrid and Manchester United fans are clearly remember that in 2015 Deheya transfer rumors have disturbed a whole summer Jacob De La Rose Jersey, and even continued until the transfer window closed the last moment Howie Morenz Jersey, seriously disrupted Manchester United and Real Madrid preparing for the new season. To this end, "Marca" revealed that the Real Madrid and Degea I hope that quick fix, hoping to get in a week. 2 years ago, convinced that you can certainly sign Deira's Real Madrid ruthlessly sent away the generation of door god and captain Casillas, and therefore much public opinion and fans criticized. And the other side of the car, in order to deal with Deheya's possible to leave, Van Gaal also signed the Argentine door god Romero as a spare tire, and once abandoned the Spaniards. Obviously, Real Madrid and Manchester United because Degea transfer delay, in varying degrees have affected their preparation and even the new season start.