It is noteworthy that Liverpool has been from Southampton digging the "glorious tradition": only in the past three years, the Red Army has been introduced from the saints inside the horse, Klein, Lambert, Rana, Lovelyn and other high-level players. And this time Saku Koivu Jersey, Van Dick has become the latest one is expected to join Liverpool from Southampton Premiership star players. In fact, Real Madrid and Manchester United as early as March and April have been on Deheya transfer to contact, then Navas poor performance, Real Madrid has been determined from top to bottom Artturi Lehkonen Jersey, be sure to sign the root of the Miao Hong Deheya, but in the season sprint Stage, Navas is back to the state, brave to help Real Madrid sweep La Liga and Champions League double title, and re-won the Real Madrid generals trust David Desharnais Jersey. In this 11 people playing the shortest time Pedro played time there are 2151 minutes Andrei Markov Jersey, he played more than Chelsea played in the 12th place of William played more than 620 minutes. More than 11 people total playing time is Chelsea all 38 rounds of the total playing time of 88.5%, Chelsea's data is also the highest in Europe.