Van Dick is 25 years old, the summer of last year he joined the main line from the Soviet Union Celtics Southampton Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau Jersey. 11 months ago, Van Dick and Southampton signed a six-year new contract, but throughout the 2016/17 season, the Dutch international defender only for the saints in the Premier League played 21 times. Van Dick's league appearance is so little, because in the second half of last season, his ankle ligament was seriously injured Tomas Plekanec Jersey. Now Degea and Real Madrid do not want two years ago to reproduce the scene, whether successful or not, they want to be able to solve within a week. Now the biggest obstacle is that Manchester United insisted Degea 75 million euros worth refueling, after a number of British media have confirmed this price Jacques Plante Jersey, taking into account Manchester United next season to return to the Champions League, more than this season, The root of the sea gods, Mu's Manchester United adhere to the price is understandable. Chelsea in the past this season to win the Premier League title, the team won by the Conti's 343 formation, not only that, the team starting lineup is one of the reasons for the stability Jean Beliveau Jersey. In the Premier League this season, the Chelsea team played the most time 11 players are Aspili Quetta, Cahill, Kurutu, Kanter, Costa, Azar, David - Louis , Matic, Alonso, Moses and Pedro, and this is Conti's regular starting lineup.